This past Sunday was National Coming Out Day.

How sad is it that there has to be a day for people to "come out"  because of their sexuality? First off, it shouldn't matter and secondly, they shouldn't have to hide.

I think it's time for everyone to just get over it. There are people who don't fit into the traditional male/female roles and they need to be recognized until such time as it just doesn't matter anymore.

I never understood while the straights thought the gays were taking something away from them by getting married. I see ZERO difference in the straights world since marriage equality was passed in 2015. I really feel like there are some screamin' jerks that need to go back to their timelines from that period and clean it up a bit.

Let me also state that this isn't a problem in many more urbane areas. It's a problem here with many gays having to remain closeted due to the overly-aggressive religious types and those who somehow feel their personal sexuality is threatened. Both are equally ridiculous and that becomes more apparent day by day.

Maybe we can shake things up a bit and be a bit more welcoming to folks in Lubbock and become "A Sanctuary City For PEOPLE".  Imagine that, being a city that actually works making sure that everyone gets the rights and respect that they legally deserve. Now that would be something to be proud of.

I also feel like I should give the Hub City a little credit for coming as far as it has. No one seems to have a problem with the drag shows in the Depot District and no one seems to be preying on gay people outside of clubs like they used to. Maybe those small steps mean something and we can keep a good dialogue going forward.

In any case, congratulations to those of you who came out on National Coming Out Day this past Sunday. I am glad you get to live your truth and I will always do whatever little I can to lift you up in my world.


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