There was a mini-exodus from Facebook to another social media platform and I'm pretty darn happy about it.

So this past week people who thought Facebook was giving them a raw deal went to another social media platform. That's totally cool with me, you should go where you are comfortable. I've always said that you shouldn't force yourself to accommodate family and friends; if you no longer get along with them, then why bother?

I have a heavily curated Facebook page. There are certain things I can't stand cropping up on my feed. Without going too far in it, but to give you an example, I don't tolerate any instances of rebel flags. I just think that it's very inconsiderate to a large amount of our population so if the line has to be drawn somewhere, that's where I draw it. Let's not digress too much on that topic though, I'm just giving you an example.

Now, none of this means I don't still like some of these people who left on some other level, but I do like the peace it's given me on my platform of choice. I'm just a few people short of my 5000 person limit and I've found 5000 people who don't give me grief, don't argue and I feel like enhance my life experience.

I would tell those people who left for a certain platform that the onus is on you to prove that you left for free speech issues and not because that platform supports some very sketchy, and various dangerous ideas. To be honest, when you joined, a lot of people started making some very bad assumptions about you.

So far, everything seems to be working out for both sides and I guess that's what's important. "Shouting in each others faces" over the internet wasn't making anyone happy and this seems to have been the best interim solution.  So thanks for splitting for whatever reason, things are a lot more peaceful now that you're gone.


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