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The Lubbock Expo Center may be ready to select an executive director, and guys, I'll be your huckle bearer!

Let this job interview process begin with the most obvious thing, I have forever been known as "Your Friend In The Radio Business, Wes Nessman.” We could easily change that to "Your Friend In The Rodeo Business, Wes Nessman.”

I also live close to the venue so keep in mind that if you have someone who lives close, that's one less person complaining about whatever you have going on over. I can also be right over lickety-split if you need a toilet unclogged or something.

I should also mention that I've been to a rodeo once. It was the Calgary Stampede. It's a rather big Canadian rodeo and I think that means it's like a regular rodeo but with more maple syrup on tap.

Don't forget I can interview myself about big events. This would probably be fascinating for a lot of people to hear me talking to me about cows and bulls and whatnot.

I have a special relationship with cowboys. I really get along well with cowboys, yet I don't trust them. There's something a little weird about people who dress up like it was 200 years ago. I would have no problem saying, "y’all git!" once the day's festivities are over.

Lastly, who do you think is a bigger expert at bullsh** than me? I literally just proved how good I am at dealing with bullsh** by writing this.

In all seriousness, it's great to hear the Lubbock Expo Center may be getting a little traction. We look forward to the opening of this venue and the return of its anchor-event, the ABC Pro Rodeo.

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