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I am really against ad hominem attacks. I think that you should stick to shredding the topic at hand and keeping the presenter out of it. Let's face it, though: Tommy Tuberville made this personal.

Nessmania. Shots from my backyard. Does Iraq look like this?
Nessmania. Shots from my backyard. Does Iraq look like this?

I guess I should back up. The ex-Mississippi, ex-Auburn, ex-TexasTech, ex-Cincinnati coach said in a radio interview that Lubbock "looked like Iraq." That is a completely ignorant and offensive statement from an East Coast Carpetbagger who came to Lubbock to try to fleece the locals and rebuild his reputation after completely losing his touch as a football coach.

Lubbock has desolate areas; there's no denying that. But where Lubbock may have scrub-brush, a more urban area has a busted-up neighborhood or crack houses. Lubbock looks clean compared to larger cities (you can actually thank the wind for blowing the trash into a corner). Lubbock has some of the most awesome sunsets anywhere. Heck, if Tommy would have stayed longer than it took to pick up a check, he would have recognized that Texas Tech itself has been named one of the top 10 most beautiful college campuses.

I've recently taken it upon myself to take 10-15 minutes to sit in the backyard and clear my mind each day. I just listen to the wind, the rustles of the trees and the birds bitching at each other. I can hear kids playing in the distance and usually smell a barbecue or two wafting my way. I have green grass and hyacinth flowers and tons of orange blossomed trumpet plants spilling over my fence (a pretty decent grapevine, too). Lubbock really does have some beauty and depth to it, you just have to take the time to appreciate it.

There's no mistaking Tuberville's comment even if he walked it back a bit. He's been to Iraq. He knew the comparison he was making. All in all, it makes the reasons why Lubbock never really accepted him so much more justifiable.

Around here, we say is it walks like a duck and squawks like a duck, it's a duck. People here saw through Tuberville's bullshit really quickly and didn't roll out the welcome mat because they knew he wouldn't be around long enough to wipe his feet.

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