It's always fun to type in a partial phrase and see how Google completes it. Typing in "Lubbock is" was no exception. Do you want to guess what any of the answers are? I'll bet you'll guess at least one.

So what were the top 5 answers to "Lubbock is..."?  I'll have a little explanation after you take a look at the screenshot.



Seriously, let's look at these answers.  First off, which of you doesn't know that Lubbock is in Lubbock country?  Next, well, we knew that one, but what is the meaning of "Lubbock is gradebook"?  Well that's from a misspelling of "Lubbock ISD gradebook", where the kids and parents can go online to see a students history.

I guess the last two answers are pretty self-explanatory.  Interestingly enough, the final one though does not bring up answers like "Buddy Holly" or "cotton", it just brings up more crappy lists like this one.

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