This is a pretty interesting concept, resolutions for the Hub City.

So, what if the city itself made resolutions, or if we as citizens made resolutions for the city? I think I have a pretty good list here of five achievable goals for the Hub.

  • 1

    I Resolve To Chill

    Lubbock just needs to chill. We had shots fired at the mall and an attempted murder-suicide to start the New Year. Seriously, Lubbock -- just chill. We're all in this together and there's no excuse for this violence.

  • 2

    I Resolve To Fill Holes

    Politicians just don't get it. We want good streets, good education, and a good military. Since the last two aren't the city's problem, you'd think they could get the streets taken care of. Let's get some of these bone-jarring potholes filled up.

  • 3

    I Resolve To Support The Home Team

    Hey, you want Tech to "get better"? Well, the best we can do that is by providing a better base of fan support. I know you think wins=fans, but that just brings in the fair-weather/bandwagon fans. I can tell you from living in Spokane, that the Seahawks had a sold out, rabid fan base far before they even hit the .500 mark.  Our city leaders themselves should be doing everything they can to play up Lubbock as the home of Texas Tech.

  • 4

    I Resolve To Drive Kinder

    We are the city of Lubbock. We need to work on some driving manners for starters. People from around her like to "mosey". If you then introduce some drivers with experience driving in a large city, then you have problems. It's all good. Let's just start using turn signals, wave at each other and most of all, don't get mad about it. No one is trying to kill you with thier car, sometimes mistakes get made (and sometimes by you).

  • 5

    I Resolve To Keep Myself Clean

    Yes, we have wind that blows stuff all over. That's still not a reason to have cups in our gutters and plastic bags in our trees. Both city crews and private individuals need to do a better job of keeping the Hub looking good. We don't have much, but Lubbock has always looked pretty spiffy, so let's keep it that way.

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