Sunday, April 1st is not just April Fools Day, It's also Easter!

Easter bunny watching the egg hunt
Arne Trautmann

Thank goodness an end to all that nauseating light blue and yellow in the stores is near. Easter is coming up this weekend and we've got to give Peter Cottontail (or whatever his name is) heads up on visiting  Lubbock. So here you go, The Top 5 Things The Easter Bunny Needs To Know About Lubbock.

  • 1

    No Need To Hide The Eggs, The Dust Will Do That For You

  • 2

    The "Bunny Trail" Is Called Loop 289 And You Will Recognize It By The Dead Bunnies, Cats & Dogs On it

  • 3

    No Candy For The Tech Football Team (We Can Talk About This Later In Private)

  • 4

    Any Eggs Left Too Long Out Front Will Get A Green Tag From Code Enforcement

  • 5

    No Need To Wear Yourself Out, Just Have The Newspaper Guys Hand Eggs To Cars For You

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