Bird Box on Netflix is all the rage right now.

Bird Box is so popular a lot of people are already complaining they're sick of hearing about it. (Oh, poor you, Jocelyn, with your first world problems!) I'm going to continue to add to the Bird Box discussion with the top 5 ways Lubbock is just like the movie.

  • 1

    Everyone Drives Like They're Blindfolded

    You can just stop here. No need to read further.

  • 2

    There's Stuff in the Wind

    It's usually dust, but still.

  • 3

    If You Bother Your Neighbors, They'll Shoot You

    Sadly, this is true.

  • 4

    People Quite Frequently Call Their Kids 'Boy' or 'Girl'

    As in, "whatchu doin' there boy?"

  • 5

    Just Looking Around Makes You Want to Kill Yourself

    I kid, I kid. Let's just say that things aren't too scenic here.

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