This has to be the BEST IDEA ever!

If you're like me, you want ALL the dogs and kitties. If you're still like me, you probably have a lot more than you can handle. You can still be an awesome friend to potential pets by participating in The Havens Trick Or Treat.

The doggies have their little Trick Or Treat baskets all lined up and you can fill them with toys or treats this weekend between ten and five. What a great way to show these animals that they are loved and they have hope for a forever home someday.

The Haven does excellent work and is home to both adoptable and non-adoptable pets. They have special-needs animals and some animals that are just enjoying their final years. I can tell you from experience that a day or even a few moments spent at The Haven is an incredibly moving experience. I know some of you right now are saying, "if I go out there I'll get another dog and I don't need another dog" well, I can't promise you that you won't fall in love with an animal, but I can promise you that you will make an animals day by spending a little time with it.

This could be a very rewarding lesson to teach children before they knock on doors to trick or treat, that giving back is a very important thing too. All of this, and you can visit with dogs too (I'm sure they wouldn't mind if you brought cats treats as well).

I've included a map to get to The Haven below.

WTF Halloween Inflatables

There's a lot going on.



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