How bad do you want that Beef N' Cheddar?

I'm going to admit that we're pretty low on details here, but a friend snapped some pics around six o'clock Saturday night of a mishap at the Arby's on 82nd Street. It appears that one drive-through was just not enough, so another was created by a white pick-up truck.  We certainly hope everyone is okay because we got jokes.

Lubbock is notorious for vehicle/building collisions and we're sure that in all cases it's the vehicle's fault. I don't think I've ever heard anyone crash into a building and then say, "well, who put that there?". It's just stunning to me that we can live in a town with so much wide open space and still people find a way to hit things. In Lubbock, you really have to come up with a stellar effort to hit something.

This time around the damaged build was an Arby's. I'm assuming this was unintentional and not some kind of statement about only getting a little Horsey Sauce or fewer curly-fries than usual.  I have found no info about this wreck anywhere, but the visual will probably tell the story far better than any actual facts that I can come up with.

Anyways, check out this gallery of before pictures courtesy of one of our favorite people anywhere, Miss Saundra Sanchez, and after pictures courtesy of our own Renee Raven (who suggested we go in and make our own dang Beef N' Cheddars).


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