I have no need for liquor on Christmas Day and you can probably plan ahead, but really, why is this a thing?

I read on KCBD's page a reminder that you can't get liquor on Christmas Day. That ban extends to Thanksgiving and New Years Days and of course Sundays.

I don't know what's up with these imaginary lines drawn in the proverbial sand. Lunchtime is lunchtime seven days a week and you still gotta eat. Not everyone has the same days off and not everyone has the luxury of shopping ahead either.

Lubbock didn't fall into the pit of hell when we started selling alcohol in town. Texas is also not going to turn into a pillar of salt because an artificial date construct has a certain 24 hour period marked with a different name than another. These prohibitions are ridiculous and should be thrown out. The world operates 24/7 365 and so should we.

Reminder: Please don't drink and drive. Drink Responsibly and maybe someday the State of Texas will treat you like a grown up.

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