Well, this sucks, now doesn't it?


Everyone in town is sick, everything up north is on fire and now on top of that, you have to lose an hour of sleep. What a kick in the junk!

This Sunday is daylight savings time, which means before you head to bed Saturday night you set your clocks ahead one hour  (my personal recommendation is to set them ahead an hour and a few minutes so you have a little bit more time to get where you're going for a few months, then again, that's unofficial).

You can actually make the transition painless if you start fudging a bit on the time on Friday. Stay up a little bit and party, it'll skew your time a bit and you can make up the rest on Saturday.

Enough with the tomfoolery, good luck with the time change this weekend. Just remember "spring forward, fall back" and it is indeed time to "spring forward".

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