For a blink of an eye, we had shows with The Union Underground and The Toadies. Had.

Toadies live in Lubbock, Texas - 6/8/16
Photo courtesy: Gabriel Madrid

So, what's the dealio? Well for some reason The Union Underground postponed their tour dates. My best guess would be that they needed to finish up some recording, but it could be some other kind of personal commitments. It's just strange that they announced this surprise reunion, then said, 'hey wait, a minute.'

As for The Toadies show, my guess is that one will probably be off and an entirely new show booked some time in the future. The Toadies were considering an offer to play Lubbock the day after their own festival, "Dia De Los Toadies" at Possum Kingdom Lake.

Why they would even think about this is kind of beyond me. You'd think after a big party like that you'd need a day off or something.  Turns out, they may use that day to turn "Dia De Los Toadies" into a two-day affair. If I had to guess, I'm betting it'll be November before the band returns.

Right now, the concert scene is weak as 2% milk. Festivals are killing the touring circuit, and weak turnouts for the shows we have are also to blame. It's cyclical, though. We'll hit a home run with a show before too long and the touring circuits will see us as "hot" all over again.


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