The hardest part about writing this blog is making it sound like it's not an ad. I'm not getting anything for this and I was not asked to write it.

I noticed a little bit of a dispute between our local t.v. stations; one says H.E.B. is on the way and the other is reporting that H.E.B. has no current plans in Lubbock. Left in the middle of this conversation is what this means to United Supermarkets.

Sure any competition is good; that's the American way. What bothers me is that everyone seems to take for granted the many things that United does and has done for Lubbock. Have any of you heard of United Supermarkets Arena? Did you know that United donated a million dollars to the Tech Vet school? How about the tens of thousands of kids who got their first job sacking and carrying out groceries at United?

Lubbock is big enough to support several supermarket chains and where you choose to spend your dollars, and what you take into consideration before doing so is up to you. I just think we need to remember that one of the reasons we have grown that big, is United Supermarkets.

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