I am so sorry if you are out of work, but maybe you can better your situation.

There are many, many people who've put their back into their work and/or dedicated themselves to their company who were thrown out of work at the first sign of trouble. Seriously, it says something about a company when they demand total dedication from you, but can't help carry you through sixty days.

The point is, maybe you should upgrade as a result of the great pause. A lot of people get comfortable and forget to better themselves when they have work friends and most of the bills are paid. Now is the time to realize that you have value and that value may be best leveraged elsewhere. Now may be also the time to get closer to whatever field you always wanted to work in.

Now is not the time to complain about not having a job. If you don't have a job, your job is to find a job. Yes, it may be tough out there, but that's another reason why you should be totally prepared. If your attaching a resume to a job application, you are almost certainly going to the front of the line. There are so many resources available online to help you write a better resume or fill out a better job application that it's like a Google avalanche.

I want to wish you luck. While the fallout from this pandemic will shake things up, you could use this time to your advantage. Set aside a little time each day to get your job search in order now and you just may come out of this with a better job and maybe even the job of your dreams.

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