Do something, ANYTHING for your Valentines this Thursday.

I am going to give you two good reasons to do something for your Valentine this year. You can choose to celebrate to share your heart or to save your a$$, it's up to you.

Let's talk the "save your rear" perspective first.  I do not care how many time you are told by your partner that you do not need to anything, it will plant a tiny seed of resentment that in time will grow. That partner will be surrounded by people who are having sweet little things done for them and it will work on them. So, you don't have to do anything big but just do something.

Now, onto "sharing your heart". Love, kindness, and sweetness are easy to spread. Your kindness will come back to you. Those good vibes and positive feelings will radiate to all of those around you. It also may be that sweet moment that brings you back from the brink if you have some kind of misunderstanding some other time. So, you don't have to anything big but just do something.

Every year I buy Valentine's stuff for five ladies that mean a lot to me. Each particular one carries a different sentiment to the person I give it to. Each Valentines I show these ladies how they deserve to be treated and in a very small way apologize for the times I was a jerk. I let them know that I do consider their feelings. So, you don't have to do anything big but just do something.

I hope you caught the underlying message here. So what if it's a "greeting card holiday". It's a good excuse to share some love. Happy Valentine's Day.

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