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If you haven't noticed, "the media" is taking a kicking from trying to keep people from dying. They're not the problem.

Let's do this drill a new way. There's a train coming in on the tracks from China and you're on the tracks. Would you rather know it's coming, or would you rather not hear about it all?

There are people that somehow believe that the media benefits from reporting on Coronavirus. I can assure you I'm not getting any benefit out of this. It does beg the question, though: what do the deniers get out of this?

I have NO idea why someone would deny this thing is a threat when its damage is being reported from all over the globe from hundreds or thousands of news sources.

My guess is these folks are upset that their daily lives are being interrupted, so they deny anything is going on. I don't think they are operating out of empathy for those potentially affected, but out of anger that things aren't going their way. This is just plain dangerous.

You have to look at a situation like this logically. If preparations being taken prove to be a waste of time, at least we got some practice in. If denying a problem results in more sickness, then people are going to die.

As good humans, it should be our goal to protect the frailest among us. This disease is especially hard on the elderly and the handicapped. If you deny there's a problem, you are complicit in the deaths that may come from it.

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