I guess there's any number of ways we can take this. Hopefully, it's good news.

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As you guys know, I have Nightmare On 19th Street on the south side of the amphitheater. You may not know that we work out there almost every single weekend, every Friday and Saturday night (and some holidays and other times, too). This means that whatever ruckus is going on up front at the Amp, we get to check it out.

As you remember there was a big stink about volume levels at the In This Moment show. When it was happening, the crickets --and no, I'm not exaggerating -- were louder to us than the music coming from the Amp. We could hear it, but we seriously had to listen over the bugs.

This past Friday and Saturday, the Amp hosted JAB Fest, and the volume levels were significantly louder to us, especially Saturday night. On Saturday, we couldn't even hear our work radios clearly unless we moved them closer to our worksites.

So what can we extrapolate from this information? Well, hopefully, it means that a reasonable compromise has been struck between the Amp and its neighbors. I guess I should pause here and say that I walked directly in front of the Amp in the parking lot area and I was able to have a normal conversation without raising my voice. The sound appeared to be much, much louder, but it wasn't what I'd call blaring by any means.

Now, a worse case scenario is the neighbors have something against rock, rap or EDM, but I think that's probably unlikely. Hopefully, this concert will set the stage for future shows and we can rock and respect the neighbors at the same time.


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