It was just yesterday that I was talking about how boring this election is, then I saw a little something from Texas Monthly.

Apparently, since 1993 there has been a tax on sporting goods ALREADY IN PLACE that was supposed to go towards funding state parks and historic sites. Well, the article goes onto say that only about 40 percent of that revenue actually made it to the parks because greasy politicians stole from that fund to use the money in the general budget.

(Okay, the article only mentioned the 40 percent thing. I added the "greasy politician" thing).

Proposition #5 on the ballot forces them to spend the money where it was intended.

I've got to stick my neck out on this on two levels.

  1. Texas should have great parks.
  2. Politicians do this crap all of the time and it's about time they were told NO. Funds raised in the name parks should be used for parks period. The end.

Every sporting goods purchase you make -- from gloves to golf clubs -- is taxed with the intent to maintain parks in Texas. It's time that happened. If this passes, instead of the 40 percent that they've been getting, Texas Parks and Wildlife will get 94 percent, with the historical folks getting 6 percent. That's putting things right.

Vote yes on Proposition 5. Once again, this DOES NOT RAISE TAXES; it puts the money back where it's supposed to be.

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