Okay, I think this should have been awarded to record stores, but it has to be talked about no matter what.

Walmart has a Metallica exclusive coming with six classic albums being released on colored vinyl. The albums covered are "Kill 'Em All", "Ride The Lightning", "Master Of Puppets", "...And Justice For All", "Metallica" (the black album), and "Hardwired...To Self Destruct).

Each of the albums is colored along with the tone of the cover, with the black album "Metallica" taking on more of a dark smoky grey. The albums are set to hit shelves on January 29th but preorders are being taken now here.


The prices aren't bad for collector's items. "Kill 'Em All" will run you $22.97 and the rest go for $27.97.

I have been re-exploring vinyl over the past years and I'm definitely a low-fidelity fan. I can tell you as a former hi-fidelity fan, that colored vinyl generally didn't sound as good as regular vinyl. I don't know if the process has been approved, but I doubt that anybody is rockin' $500 turntables these days.

I do appreciate Walmart stepping up and recognizing Metallica as a "must-have" in their music department because things weren't always that way. I am disappointed that such cool pieces weren't offered up to independent record stores as exclusive (although Met has done many record store exclusives). I AM hoping that this vinyl serves as a gateway drug for you and that you'll join the rest of us poking around at Ralph's for cool finds.


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