My foot has been very heavy on the gas lately.

I had trips to Austin and Dallas last month. That's a lot of open space with people averaging about eighty miles per hour and even fast when passing and whatnot. It has been very tough readjusting my speed in the Hub City, and it took one nice police officer to remind me that I needed to.

Lubbock is about 263,000 in town and about 317,000 in the county. Even with those numbers, adding about 40,000 college students to the mix really puts pressure on the system, it really changes everything. So a new school year just added a lot of congestion to the mix.

Now let's add in all those drivers who have to take students to school. That's tens of thousands of moms and dads adding a chore to an already hectic schedule. There are also thousands of kids who walk to nearby campuses. In addition, to drop-offs, there are of course pickups, but also sports and activities that start up during the school year.

I'm also going to add that it has been a long, hot, and miserable summer and the minute that the weather cools, people are going to be looking to get back out again.

All of his means it's time to slow. It's time to be courteous and a little patient. Things aren't going to be the same as they were a few weeks ago. I always try to remember that no one wakes up with the intention of cutting you off, driving too slow, or acting in some other manner just to make you mad. It will take a minute for everyone to get used to the school year's ebb and flow and it's time to start preparing for it now.

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It is what it is.

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