This is not a HYPE situation. I personally have seen millions of these pests.

We do have our fair share of insects around here, and as someone who does a lot of construction outside, I'm exposed to a lot of them. It seems like the flies, mosquitos, and even the scorpions have had fewer numbers this year, but the pest I'm talking about is unrelenting.

The pest, which I didn't even know existed a few years ago, is Elm Bugs. These bugs won't bite, sting, or harm you in any way, but they'll overwhelm you in sheer numbers. You will rarely see ONE Elm Bug, you will usually see hundreds or thousands at a time. They have no problem flying on your person or even in your mouth (I've also had to pull some out of my earlobe, thankfully not IN the ear canal itself).

One of the worst encounters you can have with Elm Bugs is that they like to get between two pieces of wood and I guess pee/defecate in a frenzy to the point where the wood is wet and unusable. They will also clog your bug zappers and are very, very hard to get rid of.

Again, the bugs will not harm you physically, do not carry disease, and aren't really interested in the food in your pantry, but they are far from welcome. They are hard to kill, so much so that one of the suggested treatments is to actually vacuum them up and drown them in soapy water.

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