The Chicago Cubs finally overcame what was called the curse of the goat, and now a popular meme claims the Red Raiders may also be suffering from a curse.

I'm going to go ahead and name this one myself. It's The Pirate Curse. Here's how it goes:

Once upon a time, we had a pirate who was captain of our pirate ship. He brought us riches and fame, but there were those who were jealous of his pirate ways. He was thrown overboard by some scalawags and the treasure he was promised was never bestowed upon him. At that time, the pirate cursed the ship to slowly sink.  

Yeah, this is the story of Mike Leach, who was fired by Texas Tech University in 2009. A meme now going around claims that the curse of Texas Tech football can only be lifted by paying "the pirate" (i.e. Leach) what we owe him.

So is there a curse? Is it karma? It's hard to find people who think that Texas Tech didn't screw Mike Leach over.

So it's on us, mateys If we want to lift this curse. The pirate himself does not care, as he has found new lands to conquer, and new fortunes to be had. Yet, his curse will remain until we do right by him.  


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