Just in case you think things like this don't really happen, it really happened.


A Horrifying Discovery

A woman's remains were found in an alligators jaws. No one is saying how much of the woman was left, only that the alligator was killed so that whatever was left could be recovered.  All we can say is that this must have been a horrifying discovery and we certainly hope the woman died a more normal and peaceful death. Let's take a step back.

The Search

A Houston woman in her 60's had been reported missing since Monday night. On Tuesday she was in the alligators mouth. It's too early to tell if she was somehow the victim of an alligator attack, or if the alligator just took advantage of some other situation. The incident happened in the Clearlake area.

This Is Unusual

Just for the record, alligators rarely attack. Most want absolutely nothing to do with humans and will go out of their way to avoid them. Texas Parks and Wildlife have no record of any unprovoked attacks by alligators. One would have to wonder about that word "unprovoked" thought. Simply put, if you grab an alligator by the tail, you might be in for a very bad day.

Other Attacks

There have only been 26 fatalities reported due to alligators since between 1948 and 2021. The same report has only 442 unprovoked attacks since 1948. Statistically, you are never going to have a problem with an alligator unless you go looking for one.

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