You deer hunters may want to go with "Full Buck Moon", but with the weather we've been having, "Full Thunder Moon" sure seems appropriate

This moon phase has two traditional Native American names, "Thunder Moon" for the July weather, and "Full Buck Moon" because it's the time that bucks start growing new antlers.

I caught a glimpse of the moon this morning and it looks like we're in for a big, bright one this Saturday night.  The moon will rockin' in West Texas at 11:08 p.m.

I personally don't believe those tales of craziness, witchery, and whatnot that go along with a full moon, but if any of it's true, matching it up with a Saturday night would be crazy.

The opposite of a "full moon" is a "new moon" and despite that sounding like the start of something, it's actually when there's no moon visible at all (but, I guess technically the start of the next moon phase). Our "new moon" will be on the 23rd.

Make plans to hit a patio or even your front yard for the big "Thunder Moon" this Saturday night.


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