The next sentence is something you need to always remember.

"Politics Is Show Business For Ugly People".  Always remember that proceeding sentence. Most of what you hear or read about is attention-getting behavior and nothing more.

Let's start at the beginning. I think you know as well as I that most of the laws, restrictions, or whatever passed or discussed by politicians don't apply to them, they only apply to us. Don't ever think a politician has a "heartfelt need" to make any change because they are usually above the law in one way or another. Politicians either write the laws so their excluded (politicians can still robo-call you, even though they made laws where others can't), or their wealth and/or travel abilities allow them and their families to go to places where they can do things you cannot, legally.

Now, let's crack open Americans at large. Voters are fairly evenly split into three groups, Republican, Democratic and Independent....but wait, that's VOTERS, there's a large group out there that doesn't vote.  So when someone tells you that "Americans are so divided" they are talking about Democrats and Republicans, which are only part of the picture. There's a huge segment of the population that doesn't fool with either of the major parties, and there are also shades of grey within the two major parties that aren't "all in" even though they identify as one of the two.

So, we're not as divided as you thought. Not even close. Don't believe the two-sided arguments out there when there are many, many sides in the big picture. There are people who seek to exploit the possibility of a "division" for their benefit and that is all. We all want happy families and fulfilling lives and we all have many different ideas on what it takes to achieve that...everything else is just show biz for ugly people.

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