Sixty days will be here before you know it.

I was alerted to this fact yesterday by the new Texas Tech threads account when they posted that it was "61 days until we pack the Jones". Why they chose to mark 61 days instead of 60 is kind of weird, but I'm here to correct things.

Texas Tech actually kicks off the season on September 2nd at Wyoming. We will get to see how they do at the Jones in sixty days when they face the Oregon Ducks here.

It's a pretty exciting time to be around Texas Tech football. There certainly seems to be a culture building up around the team that could pay off in the win-loss column. Hopes are high as the program builds a new culture and tradition.

Tech has already been picked to finish fourth in the Big 12 Preseason Poll. This is the same as they finished in 2022, which was also the first time they posted a winning conference season since 2009.  So why is being picked 4th, a big deal? Well, last year there were only ten teams in the conference, and this year there are fourteen.

As a casual fan, I would say that the 4th place prediction is probably accurate, but I wouldn't be surprised if the team finished as high as 2nd, or as low as 6th. I'm aware that's a pretty big margin of error, but we are just now getting past ankle-deep in the Joey McGuire era. To put it more bluntly, the excitement and newness in the program is probably just now transitioning into hopefully something bigger and better.

Probably the hardest thing for any of us to do is stay focused on the week-to-week. I think most will have to fight the urge to look ahead to that final game of the 2023 season against U.T. on November 24th.

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