Lubbock's roads are getting sketchy.


The good people decided against the last road bond that was put up. I can't speak for everybody but the last bond package seemed like it had everything but the kitchen sink in it, including downtown roads. The problem with downtown roads is, that a lot of people think what we have is attractive and has historical value, and that fixing those roads was unnecessary and just a gift to developers in the area.

The Present

The City has come up with a new bond package that omits the downtown roads and focuses on more immediate needs. The bond package spreads the roadwork throughout the city so everyone benefits.

The Cost

The cost to you is $12-$15 annually on your property tax for about five years. Now, while none of us need any extra expenses at this time, it's the prudent and responsible thing to do. You just need to look at it, for what it may be and that's one less alignment, flat tire, or something else that would cost you $75.

The Irony

The sad fact is that this $200 million dollar road bond is actually more expensive than the one that failed. So what make's me get behind this one? First off, expenses will keep going up and if we let roads keep deteriorating we'll have to dig even more of them up rather than just resurfacing them, and second, omitting the Broadway roads proves that the City Council is at least listening to our concerns.

We Can't Fake It Anymore

I've stated this before, but Lubbock has a bit of a "fake economy". Taxes are (relatively) low because we've been ignoring infrastructure like this. We need to keep our city up and looking good and there's no better place to start than our roads. Some of you have high hopes that your family and children can make Lubbock their forever homes and we have to step up and keep it nice.

One More Thing

When pulling a picture for this post, I picked a road at random from where I thought it might be bad. Sure enough, the road had giant cracks. That should tell you everything you need to know.

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