Here's a primer for folks visiting the Hub City. Maybe you can pick up a tip here and there and either find or quit looking for whatever it is that brings you to town.

Let's start by saying that most that live here, love it here. It truly is a different kind of place though.

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    There's Not Much Original In The Way Of Food Here

    Lubbock loves chain restaurants. Or maybe that could be said, there's not many original restaurants here.  I recently did a search of restaurants in a town half the size of Lubbock and there where all kinds of cool locally owned, local chef run places to eat at. In Lubbock, unless it's barbecue, and sometimes even then, you're eating chain food.  It's okay, we even have one chain that started here called Abuelo's that will knock your socks off with it's amazing food.

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    It's A Texas Tech Town, Or Is It?

    I have never seen a town so divided over their college football allegiances. Sure the red and black take up most of the shelf space, but there is a heck of a lot of U.T. gear sold (and worn) here, along with a pretty good amount of Aggie stuff.

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    It's Real Easy To Catch An STD Here

    Yes, we're #1!  Okay, #1 in STD rates.  The rate of catching a cootchie critter is 3-4 times the national average.  It's so easy to get crotch rot, that we gave it it's own name here, so beward "THE RAIDER RASH".  Holy moly, Lubbock.  How long does it take you to look at a hot horseshoe? You just can't pray the STD's away.

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    Lubbock's Drainage System Is It's Roads

    This one I still have a hard time getting my head around. I'm more willing to be corrected if I'm wrong, but this is what was explained to me.  Lubbock's "official" drainage plan is for water to follow the roadways and eventually dump into the "buffalo wallows" that you see by the side of the road. That's really it. No sewers to speak of, just "hey water, follow the road". One problem, water doesn't listen, so it doesn't take much to flood certain areas.

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    Lubbock Is Really Many Towns

    I'm not referring to the fact Lubbock is actually the "Hub" and is often referred to when folks are trying to explain where they are from, kind of like people say "L.A. "instead of a specific town when talking about a place in California. I'm talking about the vastly, wildly different neighborhoods. You can get a way different impression of this town based on whether you're by the University, or by the Mall, or by West End Story. In fact, it was so crazy when I thought about it, watch for a blog just on this topic coming soon.

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    Drivers Here Just Don't Get It

    You hear this complaint from all over, but trust me, it's true here. I blame it on the fact that you have people who have moved up from small towns with just one red light or two and they just can't get acclimated to the only slightly complicated rules in Lubbock. Then you add to that students and business folk coming in from Dallas or somewhere and they're used to a way different vibe. Forgive me for this, but what would be a simple high speed merge in Dallas ends up being, "HE NEARLY KILLED ME".

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    It's Just A Small Town With A Lot Of People In It

    I don't know the odds game, but for a city of over 250,000 people, it's crazy how many people you bump into over and over. You hear the same names over and over. You'll also find people who know other families histories to an insane degree (Oh, that's the Smith's, they ain't been right since grandpa lost his pickle factory in the 40's).  Think about it, one-quarter of a million people and if you're a man shopping for a nice pair of women's underwear, you WILL bump into someone that you didn't want to see you there (based on a true story that happened to me).

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