I read a survey recently that said that old people were "anti-wind power". I find that crazy.

I have to apologize that I can't find the original survey, but this actually led me to do a lot of research on people who are anti-wind power. All I can say is that a lot of these people are straight up nutters.

The number one objection to wind power is that people don't like it messing up their scenic view. Well, around here we have TONS of land where we can place these things and you just don't have to look at them on a daily basis. In fact, I think they break up the nothingness when driving around the Snyder area.

Some of these people pretend that they care about these wind turbines kills bats and birds, but experts consider that amount negligible, and around here, well, we don't have giant flocks of birds, to begin with. West Texas is just not "bird country".

There were some folks who claim that the turbines produce a low-frequency hum. Experts were able to knock this one out of the park, saying at 750 feet it was no louder than a refrigerator.

So, really the problem seems to be possible disruptions in the oil and gas industries.  Myself, I just don't see that as happening. I think that no matter how hard we try, our energy is going to have to come from a multitude of sources.

We here in West Texas could make bank on oil, wind and solar and it's time we start thinking about all three.

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