"Secret pleasure" sounds so naughty. What I'm actually wondering is, what band do you love that no one else really seems to care much about?


Sometimes it's actually cool to have a favorite band that no one else really seems to acknowledge. Yeah, it can be frustrating that no one seems to "get" that band like you do, but then again, you get to decide how much of your time that band gets. This way, you don't get burnt out, no one changes the meaning of the music for you, and it somehow cements the bond between the band and you.

For me, that band is Monster Magnet. On paper, the band doesn't work for me. I would never have thought I would have gravitated towards a stoner-rock type band. Then again, some of their sci-fi type themes do really remind me of one of my early favorites, Blue Oyster Cult. No one around me ever says, "hey put on that Monster Magnet we heard yesterday". They are only my companions for solo rides and I'm cool with that.  With that said, they are obviously popular enough to be releasing a new album (which I've already preordered), but around these parts, they are not real popular.

So, what about you? Do you have a band that you claim as your own, that your friends don't really "get"? Does it bother you that no one understands them, or do you like having them kind of to yourself?  Here's an especially big question, if by listing the band that's your secret pleasure here you found out they had a bunch of fans in the area, would you be glad?

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