The U.S. Navy has joined the Marines in banning Confederate flags.

NASCAR also just announced that it's banning the flag from all events and properties.

My question to the lovers of the Stars And Bars is, "what do you lose but not being able to display this flag"? How does it hurt your feelings to not be able to wave this flag? Were you seriously "waving" this flag to begin with, or are you just upset at being told "no"?

I'm one of those kids who thought the design was cool. Bands from Skynyrd to Shinedown, Jackyl to Pantera have displayed the flag in one way or another. That's okay, we didn't know better at the time. Now that I'm a bit better educated, I don't have anything to do with it (and none of those bands do either). I haven't lost ANYTHING. I am no richer, poorer, less cultured, or deprived by not having this flag.

You can say "heritage not hate" all you want, but that really means nothing (here's Stone Cold Steve Austin's take on that). If you really want to show how proud you are of the South, then be something that the South can be proud of; be respectful, courteous, welcoming, and loving, all the elements of "Southern Hospitality".

I am happy to say that most Texans agree with me and that this flag, at least these days represents racism to so many people. So, once again, before some politician or political cause tries to whip you into a frenzy over this, what do you have to lose by not having it?


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