So I have a friend that I run into every Sunday at Walmart. He's a listener and a GREAT guy. This past Sunday we had the most awkward greeting ever.


I used to shake the guy's hand, but his hands were frequently dirty so he'd give knuckles. Myself, I'll usually grab a shoulder and maybe give a semi-hug. This past Sunday, it was like we went for all three at once and ended up in some weird game of air-Twister.

That's that weird place we're at these days. What is the proper way to greet someone? A lot of people are concerned about the spread of disease from shaking hands, so it's falling out a bit. GIving "knucks" seems a little bro-ish. High fives went out a decade ago. Hugs seem to be for people that you know a little more than once a week in the supermarket.

So, in all seriousness, if you met me (Wes) at a store, what do you expect, or is more about what I do?  Do I wait for you to extend your hand, knuckles, shoulder, or do I risk you telling your friends I was an assh@le because I didn't offer to shake your hand?  I actually enjoy meeting people and I'm thankful that they've helped me be in radio this long, I just have NO IDEA how to greet people anymore.

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