We've been ripping on Buffalo Springs Lake quite a bit and it's time to make a few things clear.

I actually talked to a friend who lives at Buffalo Springs Lake, who asked me to call him "Deep Throat." He and other residents of the lake wanted to make some stuff very clear.

They would, first and foremost, like everyone to know that the regular people out at the lake WANT people out there. In their hearts, they're easy-going party people who love to sit with a beer on the beach and people-watch. They are at the lake for a good time and their opinion is generally, the more the merrier.

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"Deep Throat" told me that most of the problems actually originate with the elected lake board who think they know what's best for the lake. I was also told that we should remember that out of the five members of the lake board, only ONE actually lives at the lake. In addition, some of the problems also originate from outside developers who have financial interests at the lake, but really aren't part of the community out there.

I think many of us forgot about the way things work out there.  I'm also sure that some of these problems and bad PR are pushed by residents to the lake board who then act or overreact. Just know that sometimes we "outsiders" get a bit frustrated dealing with the outcomes.

So to the regular Joes, lake rats and party people at Buffalo, I'm sorry we didn't make this clearer sooner. Keep fighting the good fight against the man, and know that we understand you're being handed a couple of hot potatoes by politicians and carpetbaggers.

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