My cousin in Brownfield, Texas sent me a picture of the dirt on her table from a recent dust storm, but then there's...The Thing. She's since told me what it is and my reaction wasn't even an 'oh, yeah, I get it',' it was more of a 'really?'


Scroll through the pictures below to find out what it is.

The Thing From Brownfield, Texas

I have a weird family. It was nothing to see catfish heads and other oddities hanging around gardens. Their garages were always full of strange mysteries. Strangely, some even worked for McDonnell Douglas and supplied parts for the space program (in the early days there was a lot of hillbilly widget makes/inspectors involved in the process).

What I'm telling you is there was always stuff around that seemed to exist for no other reason than existing.

So let's get to what I'm calling The Thing. Exactly what is it? Is it a fruit? Why is it so weird and lumpy? Is that a blister on the side? How long have they had it and what is it used for? Seriously, my cousin just sent that first pic and didn't say a dang thing about it.

So what did you think The Thing was?

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