I've told this story many times. When I was a little kid I was into top 40. At the time they'd have forty slots on a shelf and you'd pick up your favorite new songs, or just pick up the ones you didn't have and take your chances.


My dad started giving me a few bucks here and there for babysitting my brother. I guess he felt bad or something, I don't know because at first it was a nice chunk of change.  Being a guy that liked "the hits", I bought Elton John's Greatest Hits, Three Dog Nights Greatest Hits and Alice Cooper's Greatest Hits.  You wanna guess which one was my favorite?

I loved the Alice Cooper album up and down. I just hadn't ever heard anything like it. From there my cousin Butch turned me onto Black Sabbath and so on and so forth. So, although I was already musically inclined, that album that got me rockin' was that Alice Cooper.  So what about you? I'd be interested in knowing what took you down the major musical stream of your life.  Be honest! Don't give me a poser answer, give me the real answer. Most of all, keep rockin'.

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