I find this topic very interesting, how will we look back through the eyes of history?

I don't think anyone who lived through the years of the Spanish Flu, Ebola threat or A.I.D.s epidemic as the "Spanish Flu years", "the Ebola Years" or the "A.I.D.s years". We tend to be a bit more optimistic when looking back (and maybe we just don't want to name something by the worst part of it).

Now there is still plenty of time for all of this to transition to something better or worst, but with just a little luck, we will have had a rough go for 18 months or less (fingers crossed!). I've already heard some call this "the Great Pause" or the more humorous "Pandammit".

Myself, I have two suggestions. At the top of the list is "the Great Reset". I really feel like we were all forced to stop and reevaluate everything in our lives from familial relationships to our careers and how we treat the world and others. Second on my list is "the Great Quiet". This one makes a whole lot of sense to me since concerts, movies, and large gatherings were all put on hold.

I'm sure someone much smarter than me will coin a phrase that will stick in the future, but by giving these years a name now, like "the Great Reset" might be a pretty good reminder of what we should strive for while we're living through them.



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