So what's opened and closed on President's Day? The fact is, pretty much everything is open.

Lincoln & JFK
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There are a few places closed for President's Day, one of them is our radio stations. We have no great reverence for the day, we were just asked "where would you like the company floating holiday?" and we took the nearest one.

Basically, the average Joe won't notice anything that's closed other than the local post offices and accompanying mail delivery. TxDot will enjoy a little time off. Most banks take the day off, but a few stay opened. You should check your bank's website or call before you head out. President's Day is not an official City Of Lubbock holiday, so City Hall will be open in case you want to go ride the escalators.

So that's the big story, but who are we kidding? Most of you have to work, and the ones that don't are going to see Black Panther anyway.

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