Like a lot of people, I have sticker-shock at the thought of a $70 million dollar police station.  Let me back up and say we need a police station, the old one is falling apart.  It just seems like if regular folk were building this, it wouldn't cost us $70 million.  So, what could you buy for $70 million?  I made a list.

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So I got a few items here that you might want to buy with $70 million.  Have a look.

*289 homes in Lubbock (average price $242,000)

*6363 2014 Harley Davidson Sportsters (average price $11,000)

*35,000 hot tubs (average price $2000 per)

*3500 1976 Corvette Stingrays (average price $20,000 per)

*Almost 3500 E2 privates in the U.S. army for one year (average price $20,000 per)

*Pay 1,400,000  LP&L electric bills (big $500 bills!)

*46,666 very expensive laptop computers ($1500 per)

*Pay for 350 heart transplants ($200,000)

*8750 Hawaiian vacations for 4 ($8000)

*233,333 weeks worth of groceries ($300 per shopping trip-get a lot of steaks!)

*77,777 pounds of mid grade marijuana (bought in Dallas, average $900 pound)

*Sex with a top notch porn star 17,500 times (runs $4000 for the really good talent)

*70 Pizza Hut franchises (okay, maybe only 68-69, but I'm betting they'd make you a deal for 70)

*This is the most important one.  You could hire 1750 Lubbock police officers for one year (average price $40,000). If I'm correct that means you could pay 175 police for ten years.

Now, which one of you has the guys to get up and read this in front of the city council?

(also, someone please check my math, I'm not a mathematician, just a smart-ass).


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