You guys know how it is on Facebook, sometimes you just have to hide people.

So I became quite an expert on hiding people on Facebook. It's no big deal. I, too, used to throw my opinions around like glitter at a drag show. I have seen the error of my ways and I try to never comment on someone else's post and rarely put out an opinion on anything else that's serious (if I do, I generally think better of it and erase it within an hour or two).

So, I hid people. A LOT of people.  They can express all of the opinions they want, I just didn't want my Facebook experience to be stressful. Then I started getting warnings that I was nearing the 5000 fans limit (why is that still a thing). So, I had to re-follow those people to see if they were worth taking up friend-space.

What I found was, people don't change. I found that I should have defriended these people to begin with.  Once again, I'm not even saying they're wrong about stuff, but if they post things I don't want to see, I should have just axed them right off the bat and replaced them with folks who post stuff I do want to see.

I hear people all of the time say that they won't defriend people over political posts or drama or whatever, that's good too. I, however, have an excuse. My list is topping out. I have to make room and there's more than enough knuckleheads that need to be shown the door.

So what did I learn from "re-following" people? They're still assh@les, or if you prefer, I'm still the guy who's the assh@le who doesn't want to deal with them.


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