I certainly hope you spend time thinking about potential Halloween costumes.

It can be so fun to dress up and maybe even play a character for a night. I've been able to do Frankenstein, The Wolfman, Spaghetti-Western era Clint Eastwood, Krampus, and my go-to hot Halloween costume, Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th.

Far be it from me to keep you from doing anything, I'm just going to tell you what is going to be overdone. Do you remember recently when everyone was doing Pennywise from It and It: Chapter 2? Yeah, it seems like a million years ago, but they all did it at the same time and it was pretty much impossible for a regular schmo to have a better costume than the next guy.

None of this is new. When I was a kid it seem there were about five choices and that's it. Now you have all kinds of choices, including some of the sexier, more adult choices. It really seems the sky is the limit on choices these days.

Just think of the jokes you'll be able to make if you dress up as a giant hot dog, or the fun time you'll have with other adults as a grown-up princess. Maybe you can do just a little bit of thinking and come up with something that's really creative and shows off your personality.

Whatever you do, just don't be one of the masses that will throw on a t-shirt, wig, and denim jacket. I think you know by know where I'm going with this, because there will be about one million people this Halloween dressed as the same character, and it's going to get old real quick.

In conclusion, have fun, dress up and live your dreams. Do it all, but just don't be this guy:

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