Is there anything Texas Tech football can do to bring everyone together? As I watched last week's highlights, I was struck by all of the empty seats at Jones AT&T Stadium.

Time and Ws will no doubt heal the Red Raider football program, but it's interesting to me to see where we are at now. As I see it, we have three distinct groups of people:

  1. People who think Mike Leach should have never have been fired and will never forgive the university.
  2. People who weren't necessarily happy with Coach Kliff, but LOVED the attention and style he brought to the University.
  3. People who like what they see so far out of new Coach Matt Wells (despite the W/L record).

I guess you could have many other groups out there, like people who think we should have hired Ruffin McNeil, but this is about the long and short of it.

So how do you heal this kind of divide? I think it's pretty obvious that this current crew needs to get more out front in the community and ask people to support the team.  I'm sure they have a busy social calendar speaking to small groups of businessmen or whatever, but they have not approached the community at large (or somehow I've missed it). I'm not talking about rear-kissing or anything, but every band member, every comedian and everyone holding an event that comes by our studio makes an effort to ask "are you coming out tonight?".

Drumming up support for the team is a part of a head coach's job. It's done everywhere. I don't know why it hasn't been done in Lubbock.

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