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I know you guys have a lot of questions.

The answer is, The RockShow will go on...eventually.

We will not "replace" our dear Miss Kelly; no one ever could. We will instead open a new chapter with a new person sometime in the future. I have been given a 100 percent guarantee that we will not allow mornings on 94.5 FMX to end in such a sad manner.

It will be different, and that's the way it should be. It also really doesn't matter who we bring in at this point. For a while, you'll be saying 'it's not as good' or 'it's not the same.' Those are the same words we heard when we brought Kelly on board, and she helped us take things to a new level.

The next person will be standing on Kelly's shoulders just as she stood on Heathen's. That is exactly what we'll be going for: an attempt to reach even higher.

I cannot thank my friend Miss Plasker for bringing me this far, and I know she would want us to continue the fun in the morning.

As a side note, because it's very relevant to this discussion. Even before Heathen and I put the show on the air, the thought was that the players would change, but the name would be on FMX for as long as the station wanted it. I was supposed to be the first one to leave The RockShow, but Heathen's travels took him away first. I'm glad I stuck it out, because it's been a blast.

In the short term, you get just me as we try to heal. Then, a few things will trickle in. Before you know it, we'll all be together again because that's the way it's supposed to be. The only way to go is forward.