There aren't many restaurants that are exclusive to Lubbock, but we do have a few that knock it out of the park.

Chain restaurants just don't do it for me. They seem to be good for a visit or two but I just don't make them a regular stop. The fact is when you can find a local equivalent you tend to find something that is fresher and better.

I know we have local BBQ, Mexican, Asian, and even Italian places, but for me its all about that down-home southern cooking. My go-to place is the Breakfast House on the South Loop and University. For me, it's breakfast stuff in the morning and Chicken Fried Steak in the evening.  Everything comes out prompt too. But, this isn't an add for the Breakfast House, it's a chance for you to give shout-outs to those locals who stand head and shoulders with, and sometimes stand above, the chains that come and go.


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