I was making this point yesterday and I thought I'd pass it along.  How crazy is it that people will give up something they love because someone made them mad?


So you've been a football fan all of your life. You live for Sundays. You have the merch, know the stats and love the game. Then, some player does something you don't like and you quit watching. You do realize that football in 2016, even though it was down 8 percent, reached 16.5 million homes? Trust me, they're going to survive without you, and you gave up something you loved for no reason.

Maybe you're pissed at George Clooney and you say, "I'll never watch one of that assh@les movies again". You do everything you can to not watch his movies, you waste time and effort on fulfilling this request....and you realize that he hasn't made a good movie since, "O Brother, Where Art Thou?".  Man, you just wasted a bunch of time for nothing.

My point is pretty simple. These protests are a giant waste of time. They aren't impactful and frankly few people care.  If you want to take the time to reach out to sponsors or stand outside a game in a chicken outfit with a sign, maybe, just maybe you can be an agent of change..  The fact is, the vast majority of Americans just don't care about protests, issues or anything, they just want to be entertained. And in a world of 7.44 billion people, you switching from sports or a movie to an N.C.I.S. marathon on Netflix means nothing, it's just lazy.

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