I'm fairly positive that this piece was passed out in or around Lubbock schools in the 80s.

We hung this piece in our control room a long, long time ago. I know it was passed around in Lubbock because that's how we got it. I just can't seem to remember the exact circumstances of its origin. I have been told by some people that they got it (or a similar one) at school.

Just to save your eyesight, here's the text:

Heavy Metalists


This category covers a wide age range, perhaps from eight to 24. Currently it's the largest group in most schools. They listen to today's bands and their taste runs to Judas Preist, Motley Crue, Van Halen, KISS, and Ratt.


Their clothing tends to emulate the garb of their musical idols: black parachute pants or dark blue levis, tee-shirts with pictures of musical groups, plaid shirts and white, black or red tennis shoes. Hair is usually shoulder length and unstyled. Girls may wear large earrings, sometimes looking like fish lures. Boys tend to wear a single earring. Little makeup is worn.


They are heavy drug users, with pot being the favorite, but including hard liquor, crystal and the older ones add cocaine to the list. Many are not motivated to do much of anything constructive. They get their drug money from thefts, and from dealing in drugs themselves.

I not only took the time to transcribe this, but I Googled the results and came up empty, which tells me that this may have been a local undertaking. Does anybody have any ideas where this came from? Does anybody remember getting it at school?

P.S. Doesn't it sound awesome to be a "Heavy Metalist"?

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