What's going on in the streets of the Hub City?

We all tend to think of Lubbock as a little more upscale than a lot of towns. It looks a tiny bit nicer, cleaner and, in some cases, it at least seems more civilized. Well, apparently all of that is going down the tubes.

Current stats put you at a 1 in 22 chance of being a victim of a property crime, a state that bumped up our ranking to the 3rd most dangerous city in America (a fact some love to dispute, but let's just agree that we are WAY up there on the list).

Recently, thieves actually came to our radio station's covered parking lot at 82nd and Quaker, a pretty nice part of town, and sawed the catalytic converters off three of our station vehicles. (This is the first of the two instances that will make you say, 'if they're going to work that hard, why don't they just get a job?')

Now, using super-human crackhead strength, I had a 60-gallon compressor stolen. You may not know just how big that is, but it's the size of most humans and maybe a little heavier (plus, very top-heavy). Somehow, they managed to get this thing down a giant hill and escape with it near the frisbee golf course. (This is the second of the two instances where you say, "if they're going to work that hard, why don't they just get a job?")

The same thieves got away with a few other items, the most hilarious of which was a couple of lawnmowers with blown heads that were headed for a junkpile. They did all this while evading eight security cameras. I don't know what kind of meth is out there, but apparently it makes you invisible.

So why am I boring you with all of this? Well, we have got to step up as a community. We need to be looking out for each other and reporting anything we see that is suspicious to the police -- things like, I dunno, jicky guys carrying a giant compressor around? We also need to get onto those who accept or buy these stolen goods.

In the meantime, tie your stuff down with battleship chains. Where there's a will, a crackhead will find the way.

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