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It appears that someone in Lubbock has cruelly abandoned several snakes in the same area. Some dead, some alive, all trapped in their boxes and left to die a miserable death. One of the snakes was a zebra spotted cobra that had been defanged, likely as it was being kept illegally as a pet.

Here's what the South Plains Wildlife Rehabilitation Center had to say about the incident:

We are incredibly lucky to have the South Plains Wildlife Rehabilitation Center to take care of these creatures, but they need your help to locate the person responsible for this inhumane act.

There's nothing more disgusting than abandoning an animal to die. If you ever find yourself in over your head with your pets, please reach out to an appropriate party to have them taken off of your hands. While there's some shame in surrendering an animal that you simply cannot care for, there's far less shame in doing it the right way and ensuring that it survives without you.

These snakes were left to die in a box in the dumpster. I can't imagine what it would be like to be left in a box with no way out, only to suffer and slowly starve to death or freeze/starve to death due to the lack of climate control that was available to them previously while being housed. It's abhorrent, and we as the dominant species have to do better for our reptile friends, dogs, cats and all of the little creatures in between. We are all in this together. We share this planet with one another.

If you have any information in regard to where these snakes may have come from, please contact Lubbock Animal Shelter and Adoption Center, located at 3323 SE Loop 289, in person, or by phone at (806) 775-2057.

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