I keep meaning to make a note of this.

Every once in a while you see them come across your feed, street tacos that are works of art, they feed your eyes and you can't wait for them to get into your belly. Once again, I'm asking the question, "Who has the good tacos?"

My problem is simple, I love tacos so much I'm kind of afraid to experiment with them, meaning I don't want to suffer a miss by any means so I tend to go to the same places and order the same things. I also suffer a bit in the terminology department as I don't know the proper names for things. It doesn't matter to me if it's pork, beef, chicken, or fish, I just want to know if it's excellent or not.

I've seen amazing plates of street tacos posted that I want to start putting on a list so I can knock the places off my list one by one. Once again, I don't even have any preferences on the meat or the type of tortilla, I just want to know who knocks it out of the park every single time.

Eventually, these taco ramblings will be cross-posted to Facebook and I want you to post below you're 100% fail-safe places to go for tacos. I need you to go one better though and tell me WHAT to order too, and if that description is in Spanish, let me know the translation too.

Let's turn this into a full-on taco trek across the Hub City!


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