I guess the "media" went and started a plague in China.

When the "media" was done, it told everyone to buy enough toilet paper to last a lifetime.  So who is this evil "media"?

Well, I'm finding that the "media" is a catch-all for people who don't have the knowledge or intellect to cite their real sources. In addition, I"m finding people who blame the "media" also do as when putting out a completely inaccurate meme.  I just had to kick a guy to the curb because he cited The Globe as part of his attack on the "media" (for those of you who don't know, The Globe is one of those tabloids like the National Enquirer or Weekly World News).  Now, I don't know why you'd try to lump say, your local newspaper, d.j.s and maybe network news in with The Globe, but it tells me that there's probably not a problem with reputable sources putting info out there, it's your propensity to make judgments based on the garbage you see.

I guess there's also a problem in that we've accepted the term "Social Media" when referring to folks on Facebook, Twitter and whatever.  I thank EVERYONE will agree that social media as a whole is probably less credible than the aforementioned tabloid.

Let's put this in plain speak-if you think Karen And Abner are somehow getting paid off by the big toilet paper companies to make people panic buy, well, you're kind of a joke. Myself, I just want to get up and tell d*ck jokes, but the human inside me would rather your grandpa doesn't die because you didn't wash your hands.


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